Engaging Your Audience With Content That Matters


Scope of Work: The objective of this study was to determine the feasibility and best practices for the World Food Programme (WFP) in its goal of raising WFP visibility and reaching more of the Swiss population with a new approach.  The findings in this scoping study are based on research and discussions with individuals from humanitarian agencies, as well as online research and white papers.

Communication: In the study, we focused on 4 key areas where there were gaps and opportunities:

(1) The current WFP strategy for reaching the Swiss public
(2) How WFP, other international agencies and NGO’s use social media
(3) Engaging the target audience
(4) And capacity for developing and managing Switzerland dedicated social media channels

Some of the key challenges in determining whether an office should set up its own social media channels or digital outreach platform within the humanitarian arena, include determining whether the communication and advocacy objectives for an agency or organization, align with the population at large, and if the target audience is reachable via the primary social media tools that an agency has invested in. All organizations have different methodology for determining such.

Planning and Logistics: The study was conducted over a 30-day period and establishes the most effective online channels to achieve the objectives and core requirements in terms of online brand awareness and value to stakeholders.

Design: We developed the rich media design, image creation, editing, and final production.

For further information regarding this study, please contact Keith Kebo Brown.