Engaging Your Audience With Content That Matters

Keith Kebo Brown: Creative Director + Designer + Consultant

Communications:: Designs:: Storytelling:: Brand Building

I am a creative director, designer and consultant who provides vision to international companies and agencies that aim to engage audiences with artistic and well-defined messages.

In 2010, I moved from the United States to the Philippines. There, I worked with regional advisers, country directors, and public information officers of several developing countries and created communication initiatives that merged the latest social and multimedia technologies with advocacy and operational strategies that influence, inform and motivate audiences.

Communication, storytelling & brand building is the key component of my work. My 20 + years as an entrepreneur, experience gained from the private and commercial sectors, combined with my abilities to adapt this to diverse models, gives me a unique perspective when engaging audiences with content that matters. Since 2013, I have done such work from Switzerland.

Some of my recent works include video production for UN-Habitat and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO); and development of communications materials for the World Health Organization’s 2015 World Immunization Week. A sampling of projects are available here on this website.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • 20 + years digital and traditional brand development, storytelling & brand building
  • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and external partners at all levels
  • Respected creative thinker, innovative leader, team player, and facilitator
  • Extensive high-level and hands-on experience in print and digital media in deadline drive environments


  • Comprehensive analysis & identification of communication strategy gaps & opportunities
  • Design direction, image creation, editing, content development and production
  • Video production and photography services
  • Multi-platform messaging for brand development
  • Social media strategy and implementation

If you see a potential fit with current or future projects, please feel free to contact me.