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Brief: This video was produced by KAB Designs for UN Habitat and their “People’s Process” shelter program implemented following Typhoon Haiyan in Roxas City, Philippines.

The Post-Yolanda Support for Safer Homes and Settlements project, implemented by UN-Habitat with partners, came to a close in June 2015 in the province of Capiz and Iloilo, providing shelter for 660 families, over 50 infrastructure projects for 28 communities, and DRR training for over 4,000 households. But through the highly participative community-driven process it employed, the project continues to have lasting impact on families and communities. In this video, people share how they played a crucial role in driving the People’s Process for post-disaster shelter recovery. Hear and watch their stories.

Scope of Work: Communication: Interviewed staff to identify key communications objectives.
Planning & Logistics: Content development and approval of technical data, editing and production.
Design: KAB Designs managed all logistics from direction and production to final product.

About: UN-Habitat. In 1978, when Habitat was established, after a meeting in Vancouver known as Habitat I, urbanization and its impacts were less significant on the agenda of United Nations that had been created over three decades earlier, when two-thirds of humanity was still rural. Since then, the world has experienced massive urban growth, especially among cities of the developing world.

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