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Scope of work: 20 years ago, I met then Deanna Dipizio, now Deanna Dipizio Johnson, and we became fast friends. As part of her then branding strategy, I assisted in developing 2 t-shirts for her, mocking popular hip hop sayings of the day. One went so far as to announce, “If you don’t know you better ask SOMEONE! Pretty bold for a new business.

20 Years later with a seriously successfully brand in the what could arguably be considered one of the USA’s most competitive states in terms of the beauty industry, Salon Pompeo looms large in Dallas, Texas. For this project, I was hired as the hired Creative Director to develop a new t- shirt and marketing piece celebrating 20 years in business and built on “20 years of Urban Indulgence.”

Design: As part of the design process, we tweaked the traditional logo and added a more upscale urban feel to it without making it trendy as part of our presentation. After round 2 of tweaking the studies, it was decided that 4 shirts were necessary vs. the one as it was too hard to for the client to decide on just one design. This summer the salon is undergoing a new revamp and hopefully we will have the chance to put our stamp on a new website.

Creative Director: Keith “Kebo” Brown
Art Director: Myish Endonila for KAB Designs

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