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This is one of my favorite pieces that I produce. It’s influence is varied, from a peasant shirt, to a kaftan, to a mens traditional tuxedo shirt, especially when ones girlfriend or wife just grabs it and wears it effortlessly. This style is just magic and versatile, whether it’s in a beautiful high end blocked cotton as pictured, a solid white cotton, a print or any number of cloths, it shines. With this limited single piece of cloth, we produced only 3; 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large.

The shirt has a tux collar, upper front has 5 buttons and a tux and pleated bust, as well as, we did a faux tuxedo sleeve, running extra long to give the feeling of waking up and grabbing your boyfriend or husbands shirts. Additionally, the shirt has hidden side pockets that run lower than the natural waist line and kind of forces the user to pull the shirt up creating an additional fullness and architectural feel to the shirt. It’s not for everyone, but for those who grasp and gravitate to such thought out elements.

Personally, this shirt worn on a Saturday morning, or a Saturday night with not much else except for some fab shoes would be amazing…On the other hand, it also works over leggings or with jeans.

Fist come first serve. Price upon request.



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